Annual Tampa Doula Retreat by One Love Doula Services

The annual One Love Team Retreat is our way to say thank you to our people and further develop our team! By investing in our doula team, we continue to create quality experiences. Our mission for 2021 was to provide the best possible services for birth planning, pregnancy support, doula services, and postpartum services.

We have created a lot of informational resources for our clients and social media audience this past year! But at this time of year (during our retreat), it’s time to turn our focus to our teammates and connect one-on-one. 

Tampa Doula Services’ Year in Review

2021 was our year to get back to work and serve our community, all while navigating the changing impact of 2020. Last year we had a focus on virtual services, so we could provide our services while we were socially distanced. In 2021, we were able to support more in-person births and pregnancy guidance! Our team of experienced doulas in Tampa have the never-ending passion to serve others, and we are eternally grateful to be allowed back into your spaces.

Through the year, we continued to enhance our doula services in Tampa.  We brought on a New Parent Coaching service to provide personally customized support, encouragement and guidance to meet the new parent and baby’s needs. We also had a huge focus on helping people create a birth plan. A birth plan is how you communicate your wishes to those caring for you during your labor and after the birth of your baby – whether that’s a birth doula, doctor, or your partner. Every birth is a unique experience. Creating a birth plan empowers you to become informed of all your options during labor.

For more details on our virtual birth planning sessions, find details here and contact us! 

Thank you to our sponsors for this year’s Tampa doula retreat!

Progyny Fertility Benefits

Progyny kindly sponsored our dinner and provided an enlightening presentation on fertility benefits and how we can advise our clients to advocate for fertility benefits when family planning within their company HR.

Progyny is a fertility benefits management company whose mission is to make members’ dreams of parenthood come true through a healthy, timely, and supported fertility journey. Progyny’s vision is to ensure anyone can have a child when they want. By bringing together the most cutting-edge science and the largest high quality network of fertility specialists in the nation, they deliver superior clinical outcomes and shorten the path to pregnancy.

Cryocell Cord Blood Banking

Cyrocell kindly sponsored our team’s breakfast and provided a swag bag for our team! Cryocell International is the world’s first cord blood bank!  Practicing since 1992, Cryocell is the first to design a collection and transportation kit that provides 30 times more protection from extreme temperatures than other cord blood banks. 

What is cord blood banking? Cord blood is the blood that remains in the vein of the umbilical cord and placenta at the time of birth. Cord blood is rich in hematopoietic stem cells, which give rise to all the other blood cells. These cells are the foundation of our body’s immune system. Over 40,000 transplants worldwide have been performed using stem cells from umbilical cord blood. As stem cell technologies continue to advance, the opportunities to utilize preserved cord blood are steadily increasing.

Keel & Curley Farms

Keel & Curley Farms are dear friends of the One Love Doula family! They are known in the Tampa Bay area for their beautiful winery and restaurant, plus their amazing wines sold all throughout the area. We love Keel & Curley for their high-quality, locally grown, and self-sustaining practices used for their amazing products and experiences. 

Keel & Curley Farms sponsored an amazing lunch and a great swag bag for our team. Our team loves to promote the family events that they hold on the farm! They’re great to share with our clients, whether they’re new parents or bringing a new addition to the family. Check out Keel & Curley for family events, U-Pick schedules, and venue hosting for your own special occasions!

Together We Achieve More-TEAM

Besides enjoying riverside massages we also took the time for team development with amazing guest speakers. 

First up was our team enjoying a presentation from our guests Dr. Madalyn -a period coach who discussed with the team about managing our cycles while providing support to clients.

Our second presentation was by our friend Sadiee, owner of Wild Flowers & Milk, who also provided amazing merch to our doulas and facilitated a mini workshop on how to take better photography on our iPhones while assisting birth and postpartum support clients…talk about team development in an effort to provide special touches for our amazing clients!

Last presentation was from a fellow client, owner of Tell Public Relations and Friendship Coach, Danielle Jackson who facilitated a workshop for the team on professionalism in the birth space.

One Love Doula Services

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