Frequently Asked Questions

Can a doula attend Cesarean births?

A doula absolutely can attend a Cesarean birth! Many local hospitals will allow your partner and additional support person into the operating room, in any event your doula will be at your availability from the beginning of the contract and provide much needed support before and after delivery.

Can a doula help me if I am choosing to have an epidural?

Yes, a doula is beneficial no matter what your birth plan looks like. A doula’s presence is helpful prior to and during the epidural placement. After epidural placement a doula can help with keeping labor progressing by assisting in re-positioning to ideal positions which will help your baby move further in the birth canal. Furthermore, a doula will remain with you post-delivery to ensure recovery and if you choose to breastfeed can also help with that initial process.

Can I request a particular doula or get to know the doula ahead of time?

Yes, you can visit our meet the team page to get to know us a little better. All birth doulas work in pairs so that you get to know your doula’s back up leading up to your delivery. You can book with us as early in your pregnancy as you would like and this allows more time for conversation among you and your birth team which will contribute with getting to know one another prior to your birth.

Do you accept payment plans for your services?

A deposit is necessary at the beginning of your contract in order to secure availability,and add you to our calendar. We will do our best to work around your budgeting needs prior to the birth of baby.

How much is your fee for a consultation?

Meeting with One Love Doula Services requires no fee, we recommend you interview several doulas prior to making this choice as this will be the person with you during a very intimate time in your life. We offer a complimentary consultation, which typically takes about an hour.

Is a doula the same thing as a midwife?

The word doula is of Greek origin and translates to woman’s servant. A doula provides no medical or nursing care unlike a midwife. She can give her complete attention to the laboring woman. A doula provides emotional, physical and informational individual support.

My partner is afraid that my doula will replace them?

The bond between you and your partner will not be interfered with by your doula. Your doula is available for both you and your partner, we make it a point to ensure your partner always remains involved during the process, we involve them in prenatal and take the time to discuss their role and educate them on how they can better support you during the big day.

What are your current Covid precautions when providing services in person?

Our team is following CDC guidelines which includes wearing face coverings in order to protect our clients, we continue our normal hand hygiene measures everyday. We are closely monitoring any signs of illness and the positive of being part of a team means that we can reschedule with additional team member if there is any sign of illness.

What if you are at another birth and my labor begins?

Because we want to ensure that each client receives all the attention they deserve we keep a low clientele list per month, because life happens and issues can always arise, a back up doula is always available and we do our best for you to meet the back up during one of your prenatals.

What is belly binding?

Belly binding is the use of a cloth to wrap around your abdomen which aids in posture, promotes shrinking of the uterus, promotes to strengthen your abdominal muscled post pregnancy/birth.

What is the placenta encapsulation process?

Once you book your services we provide a placenta transport kit which includes a cooler and instructions to store placenta until we arrive at your delivery location for pick up (you call us shortly after birth). Once we start the process it takes about 24-48 hours to return with your placenta capsules. We encapsulate via the Traditional Chinese Method which involves steaming prior to dehydrating and grinding placenta in order to encapsulate.

Why should I hire a doula?

Multiple studies have found that the presence of a trained doula benefits everyone. The studies have shown that doula care and presence is associated with shorter labors, less use of epidurals and other pain medications, lower episiotomy rates, and as much as a 50% reduction in the C-section rate. Research has also shown better clinical outcomes for both the mother and the baby (including better breastfeeding rates, and increased quality in family bonding). A doula also provides care for the mother’s partner and other family members, can assist with busy hospital staff tasks,  and greatly increases a mother’s overall satisfaction with her birthing experience.