Find A Doula: How Do I Select The Perfect Doula For My Birth Team?

We are so lucky to live in the Tampa Bay area, there are many experienced doulas full of passion and drive and most of all energy for this type of service. So out of all the choices you have, you may wonder, “how do I find a doula and know which is the right fit for me?”

Let me start by saying that there IS the right doula for you. This is a very intimate type of service, and you are selecting someone who will be at your side during one of the most life changing events of your life- the birth of your baby. I can relate to your worry about making the right choice. I suggest you find the doula that speaks your language! What do I mean by that? Interview a few doulas, many suggest to limit your interviewing to three, more than that can be overwhelming. Prepare your choice of questions in advance. Your questions should relate to what is important to you. As doulas, we want to meet you at your level of need and we are also honest in taking clients we can properly serve.

With that being said, take into consideration; Are you a person that wants someone with a strong background in the medical field? Someone that has attended 100’s of births? Someone that has had experience with twin pregnancies? There are so many other areas of expertise that I can list. Keep in mind, you are building your birth team, it is completely ok to have follow up questions, and to feel a connection when trying to decide on your final decision.

We offer a complimentary consultation, and so do many of our local doulas. Start by listing the areas (relating to your birth support) that are of most importance you, call and set a date to meet with your desired list of doulas, bring ALL your questions as we are ready to answer them. Feel free to visit our frequently asked questions section for more ideas. We encourage all prospective clients to sit with us face to face with whatever questions they may have. Then circle back if there are follow up inquiries/doubts following our face to face meeting, because honestly most of the time we start chatting and deviate from the actual “interview” (which is great) but I want you to be completely sure of your choice because then we will have an even better birth outcome for you.

In summary, get out there contact a few of these amazing doulas in our area and find the one that speaks to you, you deserve a doula.