Motherhood, and my favorite thing about it… | Tampa Mom| Tampa doula

I was recently approached by an online publication and asked “what do you love most about being a Mom?”. There was so much flowing through my mind with this loaded and open ended question. This is how I answered it- “I love being a Mom because although I am challenged daily, and feel defeated often the love I receive from them and the love I am able to express to my children overflows my soul”. 

This question led me to become curious as to what other Mother’s love about this title we have. I reached out to some One Love moms and they were gracious enough to respond in the middle of them running after their littles. Here is what they had to say:

Marche, Mom to a one year old replied-

“One thing I love about Motherhood is the pure and unconditional love, hugs, and kisses I get from my daughter daily. I still can’t believe I’m a Mom sometimes, so when this, this little human being with a face that looks similar to mine smiles at me and shows me she loves me no matter what, it pulls my heartstrings”.

Ashlee, Mom to-two year old (I happened to be at this baby girls birth during MY daughter’s second birthday, so special for this doula) as well as a seven month old replied-

“What I love most about being a Mom is watching them learn something new everyday. Seeing the world through kids eyes is fascinating. Brooklyn is in full swing”.

Stacey, Mom of a 12 month old replied- 

“Everything! probably watching him do something new and him getting excited about it. Also, I love breastfeeding, my favorite time with him is our early morning feeding because we are the only ones awake and it’s quiet and just special”.

Aren’t their reflections of being a Mom so beautiful, and trust me these are some pretty special and amazing Moms. The thing about being a doula and having the privilege to witness Women become mothers is that it fuels and reminds me why I love being a Mom. I hold their hand when things get tough, I may even cry when they cry (mainly happy tears), but through it all we are in this together, we support one another and I am constantly honored to be able to hear all about these little people they now have in their family and learn more about how they are navigating in their personal journey of Motherhood. 

Happy Mother’s Day to you all.