Motherhood and Corona- An Expert discussion Panel

These are worrisome times, and even more so for soon to be and current parents.

How does Florida look

As of May 15th, 2020 Florida reports over 43,000 cases of Covid-19 and over 1,000 deaths due to this virus. We’ve heard from our pregnant clients about their fears of delivering during these times, and we have also held hands with moms (even if that means virtually) while we help them navigate and cope through the pandemic.

One Love Culture

The One Love culture is all about supporting and educating you even through the most trying times. We wanted to round up some of our key local maternity, motherhood, and pediatric experts which some are Moms themselves. We sat to discuss how you can navigate Motherhood during these times, what to expect during your upcoming delivery of your baby, what to look out for in regard to illness in your child and even how to combat feelings of loneliness and more!

Our Panel of Experts

We were joined by Tabitha Blue- Author and Blogger over at Fresh Mommy Blog;  Amy Reinke– local CNM; Laura Sirak- Pediatric APRN and Amy Bohler- local IBCLC, Program Manager with Champions For Children.

childbirth education

Motherhood and Corona Discussion Replay

Listen in while we pour into your cup and recharge your hope during this time! We HAVE to remind you- reach out should you need to, we are here for you with all the One Love.

You can tune in to the replay of this informational expert panel discussion here.

Tampa Doula

Tabitha’s book mentioned during our discussion can be pre-ordered here. This book is loaded with fun activities, journaling prompts, and advice to get you through your pregnancy.

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