One Love Doula Celebrates Year of Growth With Tampa Doula Retreat

Although we are continuously growing, One Love Doula’s mission remains the same. We strive to provide the best possible service in the area of birth planning, pregnancy support, labor support, and postpartum services. 

Our team of experienced doulas in Tampa have the neverending passion to serve others, and we are eternally grateful to be allowed into your spaces. 

Year in Review

This year was extremely challenging (for all of us as a whole); however we continued to serve so many families both locally via in person services and in other states through our virtual doula services. A virtual doula allows us to provide education and reassuring support throughout the pregnancy, labor, and birth, as well as the postpartum period. The level of care is parallel in quality to in-person doula support; the only difference is services are delivered virtually via a selected platform!

Through the year, we continued to enhance our doula services in Tampa.  We added new services like our Self Led Childbirth Preparation Course!  We also launched our internal effort to end racial disparities in birth by offering completely free birth planning sessions to people of color.  For more details on our virtual birth planning sessions, find details here and contact us!  Click here to begin your free consultation for doula contracts, virtual doulas, birth planning, and more!

While we did have so many successes in the year, it was time for our Tampa doulas to rest for new goals in the new year.  The 2020 year was well spent, and for that we needed to celebrate!

Pampering Our Doulas For Rest and Rejuvenation 

We used this time to gather together, reflect, enhance the knowledge of our Tampa doulas, and recharge so that we can continue to support our birth services clients in their journey.

Upon arrival, we checked into our our Airbnb, and it was just perfection. As the team checked in, they also received their gift bags full of goodies from our amazing sponsors. One Love Doulas always receives so much appreciation and support from the community, which is why our love tank is always full, and we are able to put our heart into our birth and labor services.

A special thank you to our sponsors for this trip:

Check-in was followed by some downtime and catching up; after all, we have spent most of the year unable to gather as a group. While reuniting, we enjoyed an amazing dinner – thanks to Bounce Curl and Amour 360.  We are huge fans of their products and are so happy to have their support! Not to worry, we all distanced prior to getting together with lots of precaution taken during and after our retreat.  Our clients’ safety is always at the forefront of our minds.   

Remember, if you are ever uncomfortable during these times – there are other options than having an in-person doula!  Our virtual doula services and online birth planning consultations are the perfect way to enhance your birthing experience with our top quality Tampa virtual doulas.

Sunrise Yoga for Our Tampa Doula Team

The next day, our team woke up for some much needed R&R with Sunrise Yoga led by Black Yoga Mom. We especially enjoyed this session, as she took time to lead us through some breathing exercises to help center us that we can also practice on our own during times of high stress.

Investing In Our Doula Education and Personal Growth

Next on the itinerary was Tell Public Relations, who led an amazing team exercise which helped to identify our individual strengths and gifts. We were surprised to also learn more about what makes One Love Doulas in Tampa extra special – some may call us unicorns! Why is that? Because we have a strong dedication to our One Love clients and a unity amongst us.

Our yummy lunch was hosted by Replenish IV – a local Tampa business who provides intravenous therapies to support one’s own lifestyle!  These services are a great option for Tampa pregnant people; skip the long wait at the E.R and contact Replenish if you are having extreme morning sickness or want to prevent dehydration with in home services available for your convenience. After lunch, we sat outdoors in the gardens of the Airbnb to enjoy one another before returning to our busy lives.

One Love Doula Celebrates Year of Growth With Tampa Doula Retreat

This retreat had some crying involved, but so many laughs. We all needed to love one another just as much as we love you – our cherished extended family and clients. 

Are you wondering, “Where can I find a doula near me?” or for the best birth photography in Tampa? Check out our details on virtual doula services and other different Tampa doula service packages – like our holistic postpartum package! Contact us online for quick responses on any of your questions! Visit us on Instagram for updates on our amazing practices and wonderful staff of trained doulas in Tampa!

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We provide doulas services to the following hospitals: Tampa General Hospital, Brandon Regional Hospital, Lakeland Regional Hospital, Morton Plant, St. Joseph’s Women’s, Mease Countryside, Bayfront Health, Advent Health, Florida Hospital, and others.

We also provide doula support to the Birth Center of St Pete, Breath of Life, Labor of Love, Sweet Child Of Mine.

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