Tampa Placenta Services

Placenta Preparation

Get the best out of your postpartum self-care.

Women have called these capsules “happy pills” and report phenomenal energy levels while taking them. Lessen baby blues, increase milk production, reduce postnatal bleeding, and ease hormonal transition with your placenta is what women have reported back to us.

Our Tampa placenta services can aid in your postpartum healing and the best part is you get individual time with a certified doula during your placenta preparation process. Depending on the service selected, all is done in the comfort of your home.

We Happily Provide Tampa Placenta Services Including:

Placenta encapsulation which includes placenta print and cord keepsake (case by case basis), dehydration followed by encapsulation and delivery of your package at your bedside.

Our Process and Commitment to High Quality Service:

  • We process and encapsulate in the comfort and privacy of our clients home, which gives you the opportunity to be involved in this amazing process of placenta preparation.
  • Your placenta AKA tree of life does not have to leave your side. We provide specific information on transport from your birth location and can provide assistance if necessary.
  • One Love Doula Services is owned by a Registered Nurse, which means your safety is always of most importance. We at One Love receive continuous and up to date Bloodborne Pathogen Certification  and we are highly familiar with following aseptic technique as well as the most effective cleanliness, preparation and handling process to keep you and your  family safe.

Additional Tampa Placenta Services Offered:

Placenta Smoothie

Placenta Chocolates

Placenta Tincture

Placenta Salve

Placenta Print on Canvas

Contact us today to receive your placenta preparation package with all instructions necessary for your Tampa placenta services.

“What an amazing experience to be able to have Yamel for all my needs! She really was there before, during, and after my delivery. She did everything from check on me while I was pregnant, did my placenta encapsulation, called me after my delivery, checked on me to make sure I was doing okay. She made sure that I was okay in every way! If you want someone who will check on you and be there in the way YOU want/need pick her! She will be there not only for you แหล่งที่มาของบทความ. but for your family too. I would text her about everything and I never felt like she was not there for me or what I was asking was stupid, she made me feel comfortable at my most vulnerable time!”- Christine, Tampa

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