Pregnancy Overwhelm? Everything Is Going To Be Alright

Pregnancy and birth are full of beautiful, new experiences; however, we know this time can feel overwhelming to say the least! With Google, thousands of books, and the advice of well-meaning friends and family, it can be difficult to know which way to turn.


One of our favorite phrases is- “fail to plan, plan to fail”, which I believe can be applied to almost any situation. Sure, labor may come with its surprises, but having an initial plan and support system in place throughout pregnancy and delivery puts you steps ahead of the curve.

For your emotional and physical health and safety, we want to provide you with all the experience that comes from a Registered Nurse and doula. This way you aren’t left playing the guessing game and can enjoy this treasured time in your life!

Do you want to feel in control of your birth space? Confident that you’ll be advocated for during labor and delivery? Our job is to help you help yourself and care for this miraculous addition to your family – without compromising you or baby’s needs or experiencing unnecessary interventions. And we want to make it as easy as possible for you.


Today we are excited to re-introduce the Everything Is Going To Be Alright program: modules led by a Registered Nurse, Doula, CLC and CBE. Bonuses, including an e-book, birth plan template, affirmation cards, and access to the private One Love Community on Facebook (Q&As with community experts, live workshops, and connection with previous and present birth and postpartum clients). Valued at $975, we’re asking for a $189 investment to gain access to the entire program: a ridiculously low investment when you consider that you can’t put a price on the joy you feel when your baby is in your arms and the assurance that you were the narrator of your own birth experience.

Did we mention we’re making it easy? You’ll make your way through this program virtually – from the comfort of your own home – and on your own time.


Childbirth Course

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