Skin to Skin Benefits: Why It’s Back In Style And Here To Stay

So you’re having a baby and all this post birth information is being thrown at you. We get it, its a lot to take in but one of the best things you can do for you and your baby post birth is some good old fashion skin to skin. Let’s talk about skin to skin benefits.

Skin to skin, which was also called Kangaroo Care at one point is when newborns are held bare chest to bare chest. There came a point in Western medicine where mother and baby were separated. I recall attending births where baby was whisked away in order for the newborn assessment to be performed, I am so glad that now it is policy in most birth facilities to practice immediate skin to skin.

If you follow celebrity news (guilty) you might have seen that Gabriel Union and her husband welcomed a baby girl just recently. I was smiling from ear to ear when her announcement photos posted on the internet included Gabriel Union in a hospital gown with baby tucked in it. Although she didn’t carry the baby, or deliver baby herself she was able to practice immediate skin to skin which has so many benefits.

Skin to skin is proven to help with babies transition to the world outside the womb, helps to regulate cardiac and respiratory rhythm and is proven to contribute to increased breastfeeding relationships.

Photo credit @milkandhannah

We have been at many births where Mom was unavailable perhaps due to the need for medical intervention and Dad or partner quickly removed their shirt and performed skin to skin. It is doable and we discuss this practice with all our clients during our prenatal meetings that way they know exactly what to expect. A warm and sometimes slippery, squishy warm baby for your to love on.

Were you able to practice immediate and continuous skin to skin?


Happy Birthing!