Virtual doula support and COVID19

First we want to ask- how are you?

We hope that you are taking time for deep breaths and centering yourself with your thoughts, while attempting to calm fears. An excellent relaxation session offered by evidenced based birth can be accessed here.

We may not be with you in person but we are still very much holding hands with you all as we get through this together.

Pregnant and covid19

What we know:

Per the CDC- pregnant women are not at a greater risk to become ill with COVID-19 than anyone in the general public. Like any other time in your pregnancy, you should be aware of ways to protect yourself from illness.

How to protect yourself:

Social distancing is key during this time, and we are encouraging our clients to practice this as much as possible. What this means is: working remotely if possible, limiting social gatherings that aren’t essential, ordering takeout rather than dining at restaurants, asking your OB or Midwife if virtual prenatal sessions are a possibility as to limit exposure.

Other ways to protect yourself and others include:

-Cover cough

-Standing at least 6ft away from individuals when out in public if possible

-Avoid people who are sick or have traveled recently

-Clean your hands often with soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitizer (whenever soap and water not readily available)

Labor and doula support

As this week has developed, all neighboring hospitals have made the difficult decision to limit support people with the laboring person to one person. What does this mean for you if you have contracted a doula and are due soon?

  1. At One Love we continue to stay in contact with our hospital representatives and we are watching the COVID-19 developments and hospital policy changes closely.
  2. Virtual doula support is an amazing alternative and work around while we all navigate through this difficult time and a form of support we have been practicing for some time now here at One Love.

What is a virtual doula?

Evidenced based birth details: “Virtual Doulas will likely meet for your prenatal consultations via video chat, and will still be available to answer any questions via phone, text, or email. For your birth, a virtual doula will likely use a video meeting platform and provide you with comfort measures and laboring techniques that you previously rehearsed and discussed. How virtual doula support is conducted varies from doula to doula – be sure to ask in your interview what the doula’s support package looks like!”

We are very knowledgeable with our tech tools, and able to facilitate prenatal and other meetings with you  via zoom, google hangout, FaceTime and Skype. The options are great!

Virtual client testimonials

“I had to be induced due to complications and reached out to Yamel for some advice and suggestions, as labor wasn’t progressing as it should. She helped me via phone by recommending various positions to get baby moving down and out. Sure enough, that peanut ball helped baby come without the need for a csection. Thank you so much for getting me through a very scary situation Yamel!”- Kermina ,Tampa, FL

“Yamel was amazing! Not only was she a fount of knowledge throughout my pregnancy and birth she managed to do it all through FB from the US when I live in England! I knew I could ask her any question at any time and she would have the answer. When I was going crazy trying to labour my three days in the hospital before my unfortunately inevitable c-section she was nothing but encouraging and supportive and was such a comfort when I had to face the fact that I just couldn’t have a natural birth. She went with the flow and helped me come to terms with the fact that it doesn’t always go to plan. I am so grateful for her help and would highly recommend her as a Doula, even if you live in another country!”- Kelly, England

Virtual courses with One Love

Additionally, we offer virtual childbirth courses (courses will be ongoing and are also available privately) will continue to offer virtual resources for you during these times. Register for courses here.

Virtual courses and education offered include:

-Comfort mesaures

-Breastfeeding support

-Newborn care succes


-Postpartum Care


Upcoming virtual workshop

virtual childbirth education

You are not alone & we are here for you, all with-