A Coach for New Parents – Our Latest Service for new parents in Tampa!

We at One Love are excited to announce that New Parent Coaching is on its way, Tampa Bay! New Parent Coaching will take how we support families to a whole different level by offering a wider spectrum of services that doesn’t just support and educate you on matters related to birth and pregnancy, but meets you where the rubber meets the road in early parenthood. Get that same exceptional level of support, information, and encouragement – right when you need it the most.  

What is a New Parent Coach? 

First let’s discuss a bit of history. Obviously people have been having babies and raising kids forever and a day, we all did that with the daily support of grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings. These family members would provide so much wisdom, advice and tips on how to breastfeed, what to do when a child is fussy, how to develop routines and more. In modern society, new parents often feel isolated and frankly alone without the exposure to this long list of extended support from their biological family, this is especially true now while we are in an ongoing pandemic that has caused more distance between us and our family members.

A New Parent Coach can provide personally customized support, encouragement and guidance to meet the new parent and baby’s needs. Our New Parent Coach has extensive experience not only as a doula but also in the area of counseling and a background in Psychology. Mandy saw a huge gap when saying goodbye to our birth support clients. These parents had questions about their child’s development – or perhaps needed one on one assistance on how to develop daily routines and identifying ways to practice better self care. This is how our New Parent Coaching program was born. 

Why add a parenting coach to our services?

As Labor Doulas and Postpartum Doulas working with families for several years, we have noticed a gap – what about after the birth? 

  • What about after those first few weeks of parenthood?  
  • What about a friend to walk with you through that unique transition that is new parenthood? Someone to coach and guide you through the changes and questions involved in that first year of parenting. Wouldn’t that be life changing? 
  • Don’t you think so many new parents would lead healthier, more confident lives with that type of support throughout the first year of parenting?  

After dreaming and scheming for a while, we have something amazing for our community. This is something that we believe is unique and one of the first of its kind in the Tampa area. Our New Parent Coach is here to fill a gap that we see occurring in our culture, one where many new parents do not receive the same level of exposure to parenting wisdom. 

Many new parents also do not receive the support they need to feel confident as parents. With the inundation of information available i.e. books, podcasts, blogs, and magazines, you may feel confused and overwhelmed. We feel the answer to this is opening up support in the form of New Parent Coaching.  

What does a New Parent Coach do?

We developed this Parenting Coach in Tampa as your wise and informed best friend, available for the first year of parenting. We want our Tampa parents to feel empowered by their counseling and research based advice.  They will provide evidence-based information on baby’s development and support you in becoming a confident, conscious, and healthy parent. 

What benefit does a New Parent Coach give to first year parents?

The Coach will be there to answer questions and to meet with you in-person, as we uncover your parenting goals and work together towards them during your first year of parenthood. When parents feel supported, this promotes better attachment with their baby, which leads to a more emotionally secure baby and parents who feel more capable, connected and empowered in their new roles. 

Our New Parent Coach is committed to helping families become conscious and confident parents by delivering goal-oriented, one on one coaching as we cover important topics related to parenting such as stress management and mindfulness in parenting. Not only will you grow as a parent, but as a person and partner as well as we watch you thrive alongside the support of your New Parent Coach.  

There is no one way to raise every child and no two parents are alike. Our New Parent Coach gets to know you as an individual first in order to assist you through this transformational journey of becoming a parent. 

So, if you are asking yourself, “Now what?!” after having a baby, sign up for our waitlist… support is on the way!  

Client Testimonial

Here is what a client had to say about our New Parent Coaching:

“New Parent coaching has been such a blessing and the best postpartum help we never realized we needed! It has been invaluable having a non-biased, trusted source to confide in, ask questions to, and learn from that is supportive of our values and how we want to parent. I spent so much of my pregnancy preparing for birth, but once my son was born I felt consumed with questions and unknowns that most new parents probably experience. Rather than getting lost on google searches, I looked to Mandy, just as I had during pregnancy to affirm my feelings or guide me in the right direction. We are forever deeply grateful for One Love.”

Parenting Coaches in Tampa for New Parents

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