Birth Doula

Services are unique to the need of the mother and partner. We provide:

  • Birth plan assistance.
  • Advice on communicating effectively with your care provider.
  • Relaxation and coping techniques to prepare you for labor and delivery.
  • Unlimited virtual communication from the start of our contract.
  • Immediate face-to-face support once labor begins.
  • Prenatal and postpartum visits.
  • Lactation support.
  • Assistance identifying additional providers such as photographers, massage therapists, pediatricians and belly casting services.


Postpartum Doula

We provide an extra set of experienced hands during the days after delivery of your baby. This includes overnight care, newborn care, light housekeeping and meal prep, local errands, assistance with siblings, lactation support as well as assistance in adjusting to the demands of being new parents.


Placenta Preparation

Many women report that ingesting the placenta soon after birth results in the balance of postpartum emotions, increased energy, and an increase in milk supply.

We happily provide placenta encapsulation which includes:

  • instructions and kit to transport from your birth place
  • placenta print and cord keepsake
  • dehydration followed by encapsulation
  • delivery of your package at your bedside

Additional services include:

  • Placenta smoothie
  • Chocolates
  • Tincture
  • Salve


Birth Photography & Videography

One Love Doula  has teamed up with two of Tampa’s most passionate Photographers!


Dear Little One’s Chinelle Rojas offers our One Love family special perks including complimentary maternity photo session when combining services. Chinelle decided to capture these precious moments after realizing how few details she remembers from the birth of her son and not having many pictures of their story. Meet Chinelle and let her tell your beautiful story via photography or videography services, or both!

Chinelle provides custom storytelling photography and films to document your family’s journey. She believes that life’s most minute moments are often the most monumental, and she aims to capture real memories. She specializes in maternity, births, and families in the Tampa Bay area.




Additionally, Ashley with Grind & Press is a photographer who is always looking to tell a story. Birth photography is about as intimate, emotional and raw as it gets, creating one of the most amazing stories possible. Ashley says, “I leave every birth feeling like I was part of the most incredible experience life has to offer.” When combining our doula services with Ashley’s birth photography services, you benefit from $500 in savings.


We love Ashley who considers herself to be 50% yoga, 50% Wu Tang. She enjoys a good cup of coffee at home but also loves a good band at a brewery. We have seen Ashley in action during several shoots and she has a laid-back and comfortable approach while remaining professional.