Baby Registry Checklist: 10 Items You Shouldn’t Forget

Baby Registry Checklist

We have all done it; we go to Target, Buy Buy Baby or other favorite store and grab the scanner. And after hours of overwhelming aisles searching, we end up with a baby registry that can make anyone’s head spin. Well with the help of your doula, here are all the needs for your brand new squish. Read on for our baby registry checklist.

Baby Marley.

Contrary to your Google search and the suggestions from your friends and family regarding all the stuff you may need for this new human, babies are pretty easy. They do need, cuddly hands to carry them as they join us Earth side, patience as they learn to breastfeed, and love, which you already have even before you see their face for the first time. As I had more babies, my actual list of “needs” on my baby registry checklist got smaller, because I quickly realized that the items I was told I would use I never did and they either collected dust or I had to give it away due to non-use.

Some of our favorite “stuff” to include on a baby registry checklist:

1 แหล่งที่มาของบทความ. Onesies: Baby onesies are a simple outfit for those first few weeks and are so easy to slip on and off. Most come with a wider neck area, which comes in handy when you have a poop diaper explosion and you must remove towards the lower end of the body instead of pulling up towards the head. Onesies come with cute phrases, can be personalized or can be simple cotton white, -which is my favorite for when we are team green and waiting for surprise on the gender.

2. Receiving blankets or “swaddling blankets”: These are so versatile, you can use them as a barrier when laying baby down on your bed in the event there is an accident (pee or poop), you can use them to keep baby warm, to swaddle baby for comfort, as a burp cloth. I recommend 5-6 receiving blankets, more than that can get overwhelming and having less may result in you having to wash more frequently.

3. Hats and socks: Babies can lose heat rapidly,as heat loss occurs primarily from the head. Since our feet are an extremity, they tend to get colder then the center of our body, so having some baby caps and socks around come in handy to keep our little ones warm and cozy.

4. Diapers/wipes: Oh man, diapers! We definitely need these, whether you are using cloth, or disposables this is a must. There are some great options on the market now that are natural based eco-friendly and chlorine free, including but not limited to the Honest Brand, or Seventh Generation as an example. When checking items off your baby registry checklist, its a great idea to add extra amounts of diapers and wipes  since you will need a bigger supply. I do recommend not opening many of the diaper/wipes packages in the event you need to exchange due to a possible skin sensitivity. Limit your newborn size diapers to just one package as babies tend to outgrow this size pretty quickly.

5. Bath: Bath time is the best time, who doesn’t love a bath? some essentials include a simple baby bath tub, a bath solution or wash that is tear-free and doesn’t have perfumes or dyes, some hooded towels to keep baby warm when out of the bath, and some sort of moisturizer. You can always use organic coconut oil as moisturizer; I love mixing in some lavender essential oil before bedtime and giving baby a nice massage #onelovedoulatip. Keep in mind your baby doesn’t need a bath for a while, you can wipe baby down with a wash cloth as needed for the first few days and complete bath shouldn’t happen until their umbilical cord has fallen off which can take up to 14 days from birth.

6. Gadgets: I have always been a fan of a nice bouncer or swing, this type of device can give you a little break when you need your hands free and need to place baby somewhere that they are safe and secure. I recommend reading reviews, visiting the stores and looking and touching to make sure they are easy to use prior to adding to your registry.

7. Furniture: Your nursery can be as simple or as elaborate as your heart desires, nurseries are truly beautiful and give me all the feels, but babies rarely use them in the first weeks. If you are having trouble completing this task prior to delivery, don’t worry, you still have time. Your nursery can include: a nice size crib (remember no crib bumper, pillows or fluffy blankets while baby in the crib as this is a hazard for suffocation), a changing table is a back saver and can help you keep good body mechanics when changing diapers and prevent you from bending while completing this task, as well as some sort of glider or rocker to sit with baby.

8. Activity mat: As baby starts staying awake for longer periods of time, having something to place them on during tummy time is great source for stimuli. Activity mats are easy to roll up and put away and many are space savers now that you can slide under the crib when not using.

9. A nursing/feeding pillow such a Boppy is a great addition. My husband would often steal mine when I wasn’t nursing and use for neck support, so the partners and dads are going to love me for this tip!

10. A car seat: Car seats are a safety must. We recommend a convertible car seat for long term use. There are some great ones on the market. always read reviews and make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions for proper rear facing installation.

Ok, we are going over our 10, but here are some extra tips:

New baby in a ring sling, close enough to kiss.

Baby carrier: If you follow us on social media you know we are a baby wearing family and in fact we provide an overview of baby wearing during prenatal meetings and hands on tutorials as well as assistance during our postpartum visit. I recommend a nice stretchy wrap for the first few weeks such as a Moby (can even be a hand me down) and or a ring sling. When baby gets older a structured carrier will also come in handy, but it isn’t necessary for when they are newborn.

Outfits: We all love cute baby outfits, I suggest having some 0-3 as well as 3-6 month sizes. You can always run out for a shopping trip after your recovery period or as baby grows into bigger sizes, so you don’t have to make your baby registry checklist overwhelmingly focused on clothing.

For those of us that need to return to work a nice breast pump is necessary.

Note- I didn’t include items such as highchair or potty seat, these items will take up space in your home and wont be used for sometime,  think of purchasing when your child is ready to use. Furthermore I left out a diaper bag, as many of us tend to use our oversized handbags for the dual use of handbag and diaper bag at the same time.

Always remember, as part of our service we can help you narrow down your list of baby needs, and do research with you on new products. Feel free to add “doula services” to your baby registry checklist as many of your family and friends will want to contribute towards something you truly want, and while you’re at it- include birth or newborn photography.