Should I tell? Keeping your pregnancy secret-or not…

Congratulations! You just found out you are pregnant!

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In the next instant, your mind is going wild with who you should tell, when you should tell them, and how? A common question these days in regards to pregnancy is when to announce the pregnancy. Many birthing persons and their partners take some time to ponder this question, and many come to different conclusions.

Should you announce your pregnancy?

We here at One Love tend to think there is not a one size fits all answer to this question, just like there isn’t one place or one way to have your baby!

Some families opt to keep their pregnancies a secret, tucked away safely for no one else to
know until the birthing person or the birthing person and their partner feel that the time is just right. This may be when they are 8 weeks along, or 8 months along. So… When is the time just right? That’s the thing- it’s totally up to you! There has been a tendency in our culture to wait until the second trimester to announce a pregnancy, due to the rate of miscarriage dropping after the 12 week mark.

But it is important to shed light on the fact that 1 in 4 birthing persons do suffer a miscarriage, and are deserving of all the love and support from family or friends if they so choose to let them know during the first trimester of their pregnancy.

On an average, when do families announce?

Many families choose to announce their pregnancy as soon as they feel ready, regardless of if
they are in the first trimester or not. We think it’s great to announce your pregnancy whenever you
believe that the time is right, and we support you in that decision!

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Consider this before announcing-

When trying to decide when to announce your pregnancy, here are a few things for you to possibly consider:

-Am I feeling ready to speak with family and friends in regards to this pregnancy?
-Do I feel comfortable right now sharing this information with my family and friends?
– Is my partner or spouse ready to announce the pregnancy as well?
-Who do I want to announce my pregnancy to first?
-How do I want to announce my pregnancy?

And in the age of social media, another factor to possibly consider is when and how to announce your pregnancy on social media.

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With all that being said, it really is totally up to you, parents. Making the choices that you feel are best for your body, your baby and your family begins as soon as you see those 2 little blue lines and realize that your lives will never be the same. So if you want, go right ahead and make those phone calls, book that photographer, text that one friend- or don’t and relish in your secret for as long as you would like.

Thankfully, the choice is all yours. And as always, please do not forget that all of us here at One Love stand waiting to support your family all the way and we can’t wait to hear about your pregnancy!

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