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First blog of the new year (January felt like an entire year on its own) and we have some great information and resource for you, your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

For these next few blogs we have decided to do a series of interviews for you. We plan to pack these full of helpful information for all of our pregnant and postpartum parents. We hope that you’ll enjoy learning some new information, finding out about a helpful resource or how to tune into your body’s needs. Or just maybe, you’ll hear from expecting or postpartum parents similar to you, and realize that you are doing great! And of course, we would love for you to get in touch and ask us some questions or give us an idea of an interview you’d love to read about.

Tampa Doula

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Replenish IV Solutions

To kick off this series, we want to introduce you to Replenish IV Solutions of Tampa. Just as the name indicates, Replenish IV provides intravenous therapy to their clients either at home or in office. This type of therapy is becoming increasingly popular and offers a vast array of benefits for women- pregnant or not. The intravenous (IV) therapy provided by Replenish provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and hydration to support proactive wellness, improve acute and chronic medical conditions, and to assist with recovery.

Do I need to ask my prenatal provider?

In regards to some of the fine print, all clients are required to fill out paperwork that is screened by the onsite MD. Service at Replenish may be booked in advance over the phone, online or via text message. As with many things during pregnancy, it is always best to consult your OB or Midwife prior to receiving services. Replenish is able to accept HSA and FSA insurance plans to make it an affordable experience for you!

Replenish informed us that IV therapy can be helpful to women experiencing morning sickness as it can help to replenish and restore some of what may be lost during that time. It almost sounds like a great way to “re-fuel” and give your body more of the good stuff it needs as you grow a babe- or two! And while their services are super beneficial, they are not meant to be a replacement for regular oral hydration or prenatal vitamins; so make sure you are drinking up! The actual treatment process typically takes around 35-60 minutes. Replenish IV also told us that when a pregnant woman is experiencing morning sickness and takes advantage of the services there, that the woman’s body is able to return to a more homeostatic state. Since the IV’s at Replenish are only full of vitamins and minerals, even postpartum or breastfeeding mothers may safely enjoy the benefits of intravenous therapy. And what a clean and cozy spot they have for you to enjoy, too!

Doula of Tampa

Tampa Breastfeeding Mom receiving Replenish Infusion @lyanip

If you have additional questions, Replenish IV Solutions of Tampa would absolutely love to hear from you. This type of intravenous therapy offers many benefits for all of our pregnant and postpartum moms and dads, so we hope that you will check them out and practice some self-care! Please feel free to give them a call to find out more information at 813-992-7487. If you check them out make sure you let us all here at One Love know about your experience.


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