The Truth About Being a New Parent

One of the first things we have to tell you as Tampa professional doulas is that we know that the main thing that brings new parents joy is….when their baby poops! Trust us, it’s a thing: you will never be so happy to see poop than when a new parent. 

Parenting comes with some challenges

We do give more of ourselves to a person we just met. 

We experience sleep deprivation as new parents because newborns and young children at times need to be a bit closer to us in order to have their needs met. 

Everyone  in your circle will have unsolicited advice for you as a new parent, and we know they mean well.

You will be sore. Delivering a baby is hard work, and the lack of sleep contributes to the soreness in your body. 

You may have less of a desire to be intimate with your partner. 

And you will have to get to know yourself again. After all, when babies are born, so are parents. 

Things people may not mention

What many don’t mention is that new parenting also comes with new reasons to smile and have hope for. Our children are our greatest gifts, and you’ve worked so hard to bring them Earth side, that most of the things that present themselves as a challenge you end up not minding much. Diaper changes become a norm and baby cries don’t bother you as much as you thought they did. Even though we all have different parenting styles as new parents, we all share some commonalities. According to the American Psychological Association, as parents we share three major goals: ensuring children’s safety, preparing children for life as a productive adult, and transmitting cultural values. 

Things you can do to prepare to be a new parent

  1. Determine what your parenting style will be. This is a great conversation to have with your partner early in pregnancy. Will your style be more authoritarian or more of a go-with-the-flow, let your child lead parent style? These are great conversations to have and dissect before baby in arms, much like identifying a doula who can help in the early parenting journey.
  1. Do your homework on child development. The more you know about what to look for in each stage, the more observant you will be regarding expected milestones and when is a good time to intervene or add some help. Pro tip: it is never a bad thing to ask for help when navigating parenting. This leads us to our next tip…
  1. Identify the troops! Look at your circle and think about whose parenting style you admire and look up to. Those people will be a source of support and resource, so lean into them.

According to ACT On Academy, out of all the traits that parents carry, there are two traits which have the most impact: patience with your children and empathy for our children. ACT On Academy goes on to mention that the good news is that patience and empathy are like muscles; the more you use them, the stronger they get. Don’t worry too much, new parents. You will soon build those muscles. 

We are here for you.

Here at One Love, we want to hold hands with you no matter where you are in this journey. We come to you with no bias, an open heart, and even better ears to listen to all your worries, wins, and questions.

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Virtual doula services are also available, let’s plan for your amazing birth and postpartum journey. 

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