Top 5 Doula tips for morning sickness

You just peed on that stick because lately you’re feeling a little nauseas in the morning. The excitement hits instantly the instant that test says ‘POSITIVE’ so you tell all your close friends and family and celebrate with your partner. What about this pesky morning sickness, what do you do now?

We have five tried and true tips from the people that know pregnancy best, doulas.

Nausea relief tips

1. Above all things, stay hydrated! I know the thought of drinking water probably makes your mouth salivate right now due to nausea. We don’t want to eat or drink anything when that morning sickness is in effect. However, your body needs ALL the hydration during pregnancy and dehydration can lead to things like cramps, headaches, light headed, or even hospitalization due to lethargy. So here is a tip, add something to your water such as a lemon squeeze, or dilute with gatorade or coconut water, this should help.

2. Keep ginger snaps or fresh ginger nearby. Ginger is a spice and is known to help digestive health. You can purchase ginger candy at your local grocery store, Whole Foods or online, and fresh ginger can be brewed and drink as a tea (pro tip: this helps with number one- hydration).

3. Peppermint essential oil for sniffing. You can diffuse it throughout your home or carry a small bottle in your handbag for quick sniffs throughout the day (for those occasions when morning sickness turns into all day sickness). Peppermint helps to relax your stomach muscles, and the added plus is it gives you an energy boost due to the fragrance. Here’s an added tip to contribute to number one, add mint leaves to your water!

4. Good old Preggy pops, these candies have been around for a while but for some reason I find Mamas forget about them. They are portable and can be found almost everywhere, including Target. They are drug free, and calm the stomach due to the citric acid ingredient and natural essential oils.

5. Eating small and frequent meals (going back to tip number one again). Often times the nausea symptom will make Mamas not want to eat at all, which then causes more nausea due to an empty stomach. Instead of sitting down for three larger meals, eat about 6-8 smaller meals spaced out throughout the day.Think every two hours.


Hope some of these tips help for you, if so message us, we #onelove notes.

Until next time!