Birth Planning: Why and How to Write A Birth Plan + Ideas

Your birth is quickly approaching. We speak to many new and second time parents who ask for advice and suggestions on how to best communicate their birth wishes to their provider. This is best achieved through writing a birth plan! But maybe you don’t even know what your birth wishes are and what to expect?  We are here to help so that you’re not caught off guard and your plan is perfectly communicated to your provider and guests.

What is a birth plan? 

A birth plan is how you communicate your wishes to those caring for you during your labor and after the birth of your baby – whether that’s a birth doula, doctor, or your partner. Every birth is a unique experience. Creating a birth plan empowers you to become informed of all your options during labor.

Why You Should Make a Birth Plan

When you are in labor, you will be preoccupied with your labor symptoms, and it can get difficult to talk or to remind those supporting you of your wishes. The time will pass you by or you’ll realize that things aren’t going as you originally planned. Your birth plan is the way to take control of your birth.

Some things will be extremely important to you, and we don’t want anyone to forget or to overlook your wishes – this day is most important to you!  A birth plan is an important tool which can be used by your birth team in order to know all your preferences to create the amazing experience that you’re dreaming of.  

How do I write a birth plan? 

You CAN write out your birth plan in a narration way or as if you were having a conversation. What we fear with this method is that your birth team (hospital nurses, obstetrician, and birth doulas) may not have the time to read paragraphs or several pages with details. 

The best way to create your birth plan is by utilizing a birth plan template. A template has all the necessary sections, ie. what you want during labor, who you want in the room, what sorts of medical interventions you prefer and don’t. Our birth plan template is available in a check off version where you just go through the 2-3 sheet document and check the boxes detailing your preferences.

This also gives you the opportunity to learn more about areas of labor and birth that you may not have learned about until now – this may include delayed cord clamping or nitrous gas as a form of pain relief. This is why we recommend building your birth plan with our One Love doulas so that you can get new perspectives, expert information, and suggestions. 

Building your birth plan with an experienced RN & Doula

When you’re a One Love client, we sit and assist you build your birth plan template during one of our prenatal meetings and all our clients find this so beneficial! We always get feedback that they feel a sense of calm once their birth plan is complete. We invite you to join our upcoming Pay What You Can Birth Plan & Comfort Measures Workshop. Join our newsletter for updates and to know when registration is open for this amazing live workshop at the end of this month. 

During this three hour intensive workshop, we will build your birth plan together and review key comfort measures which will help you to be more comfortable during labor but also help for your labor to progress. Join our waitlist now, and be one of the first to know once our registration is open – space is limited and seats are available for as low as $9. 

How to Make a Birth Plan + Why

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