Ten Benefits of Hiring a Doula in Tampa

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful times in one’s life: from finding out that you’re pregnant to finally meeting your child! It can also be one of the most stressful times, which is where finding a doula can be one of your best decisions. You may be thinking, “Where can I find a doula near me?” or “Will doula services even benefit me?”

No worries! When looking for a doula, Tampa is an amazing spot to give birth because One Love is here to help you, so you can relax knowing, “Having my doula near me will help labor be a smooth and beautiful experience.” Are you considering whether or not to use doula services in Tampa? Check out our master guide below on how doula services in Tampa will benefit you. 

1. You’ll have an advocate: doulas in Tampa are here to help get your voice heard.

Your voice is important because it is your body and your baby. It may be difficult for a first-time parent or someone with a difficult delivery in the past to speak up during their labor. Doulas are there to remind you that you do have a voice, that this is your delivery, and that you are allowed to ask questions. We do not ask questions for our clients, but we will be there to give you the confidence to ask the questions you need.

2. Doula services will help educate you.

There are foundations we learn on how to best serve our clients. One of these foundational pillars is how we educate our clients before, during, and after their labor. 

We are even knowledgeable about medical interventions that your doctor, nurse, or midwife might suggest. Our team of trained doulas are able to walk you through the pros and cons of most medical interventions and make sure you are asking your medical team the right questions.

3. We offer continuous support.

While medical professionals will be in and out of your delivery room, your doula will be by your side the entire time. Your doula will be there during your labor and up to an hour or two after your baby is delivered. Although we might take breaks during your labor, know that we are close by and ready to continuously support you until you deliver your baby.  You can relax knowing, “Having my doula near me will support me during this overwhelming time.”

4. Doulas are trained on how to physically support you and alleviate some pain during labor.

We can also teach your partner these techniques, so they can also support you during your labor. Physical support does not just mean comfort techniques – but also different positions to help your labor progress. There are a variety of positions that can help move your baby down or help you dilate further.

5. We will emotionally support you and your partner.

During labor there are a myriad of emotions that both the laboring person and their partner will go through. It is the responsibility of your doula to help keep you calm. There are so many moving parts during labor, which can feel extremely overwhelming. Your doula can change the environment with dim lighting or background music, which can make all the difference while laboring.

6. We can help with birth planning by meeting before your birth and discussing what your ideal birth looks like to you.

Dim lights, music playing, birth photography, and certain medical interventions: these are all examples of what is discussed during a prenatal meeting. Planning is important because it will give everyone on your team an outline and understanding of what you want during your labor. A Tampa doula through One Love will be there to help organize your thoughts and prepare you mentally before going into labor.

7. Contribute To Lower Birth Risks.

It has been proven that laboring people who have a birth doula have had a lower C-section rate and less chance of vaginal tearing. The reason for this is because we have the knowledge to educate our clients on what is natural for our bodies and the process of labor/birth. Our goal is for all our clients and babies to have a healthy delivery. We know the correct laboring positions and comfort measures that can help you deliver as safely as possible.

8. Doula services offer partner support.

When clients hire doulas, they often think that we are strictly there to support the laboring person. If the partner is present, we try to incorporate them as much as or as little as they want.  In prenatal visits, we can show the partner how to support the laboring person.  

Also, if you have a long labor, your partner might need to rest. While your partner is resting, your doula will be by your side, so you are never laboring alone. Labor can be overwhelming for everyone involved, and we are there to be a calming presence for your partner.

9. We are there for breast or chest feeding support.

All doulas are required to take a basics of breastfeeding course; some doulas may be certified lactation counselors as well. Immediately after labor, we can help guide you on how to get a good latch. We can sit and work with you while you find the best way to feed your baby right after delivery. If you hire a postpartum doula, we can offer even more feeding support in your home through our holistic postpartum services.

10. You will most likely have a positive birth outcome with a doula present at your birth.

There have been multiple studies proving the positive outcomes with a doula at your birth. You will feel heard, educated, and supported throughout your entire pregnancy and labor. With a doula, you will feel empowered and advocated to have the birth outcome that you deserve.

Best Ways To Benefit From Doula Services in Tampa

After reading about these benefits you may be thinking, “Where can I find the best pregnancy and birth doula near me?”  When looking for the best doula, Tampa is home to One Love Doula Services, which offers a full suite of different doula services.

Check out our different doula service packages or contact us online for quick responses on any of your questions! Visit us on Instagram for updates on our amazing practices and wonderful staff of trained doulas in Tampa!

If you are not in Tampa, not to worry! We offer virtual services, which can include one on one birth planning and childbirth education. We can also support you virtually during your labor and birth via text, email, or Zoom (or your preferred platform of communication).

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